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Technology meets Entrepreneurship: A medium for driving Growth in the developing nations

Technology and Entrepreneurship gives rise to the term known as Techpreneurship.

IEEE 802.16m Draft 1 goes to WG letter ballot- 4G version of WiMAX moves closer to standardization

Report of IEEE 802.16m Meeting -Session #62 on 13-16 July 2009 in San Francisco, CA

Most notably, the IEEE 802/16 Working Group met a major milestone by agreeing to open a letter ballot on the first draft (P802.16m/D1) under the 802.16m project. The 16m Task Group will issue a request for input on specific technical topics (LBS, E-MBS, Relay, and SON- see below for acronym definitions), to be submitted prior to Session #63 in Jeju, Korea and discussed at Session #63.5 on the big island of Hawaii.

Growth of Mobile Broadband Limited Without Investments in 4G Networks

While the pump is primed for mobile broadband, significant investments in next-generation broadband wireless networks will be needed to deliver on the promise and potential of the mobile internet experience.   If that is not the case, then all the predictions for explosive mobile Internet growth are a myth- similar to the Internet traffic growth stories of the late 1990s

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Interview with Professor Andrew Odlyzko- Most accurate Internet Traffic Tracker- on Mobile Internet now and in the future

Mobile Internet Data Traffic Trends and  Implications for the Wireless Industry


Can the growth of mobile data live up to the hype given the current capacity of wireless networks? Interview with Andrew Odlyzko, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota and expert on internet traffic patterns and growth.

Will Outsourcing of Managed Services and Network Maintenance Make Telecoms More Competitive?


Managed services and outsourcing of wireless and wireline network operations has become an emerging trend in the global telecom industry. 

Here are a few recent examples:

Is WiMAX in India ready to take off or be Dead on Arrival?

India's 3G and WiMAX spectrum auctions are planned to commence this year paving the way for Mobile Internet and Fixed Broadband Wireless Access.

ComSoc SCV Oct 14th meeting: Intel’s Vision for the Future of Wireless Communications + supporting articles/ commentary


Wednesday October 14th, 2009, 6:00 - 8:00PM


National Semiconductor, Building E, Conference Room, 2900 Semiconductor Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Making Broadband Access Available and Affordable for all in the US‎- Interview with SCU Law Professor Allen Hammond

Professor Allen Hammond, Director of the Broadband Institute of California, offers a perspective on the importance of broadband access and a prescription for making it available and affordable for all U.S. residents.  Recommendations for Digital Inclusion, U.S. Broadband Policy, a national wireless network, funding and measurement tools are also included in this interview. 

CLEAR 4G WiMAX Innovation Network is Now Open for Developers in Silicon Valley

In an exclusive article, Clearwire details logistics, goals and objectives for the "4G" CLEAR Developer's Network in Silicon Valley. Largest 4G WiMAX "sandbox" for developers covers more than 20 square miles in Santa Clara, Mountain View and Palo Alto, California.