Frequently Asked Questions

The ComSoc Community site now supports IEEE Web Accounts.  If you have not yet created a Community account you may log in with your IEEE Web Account using the login button at the left.

If you already have a ComSoc Community account please login with it and follow the instructions to link to your IEEE Web Account.

Get started by registering an account. You can use your real name or an alias. Once registered you can post in forums, participate in polls and join groups. You can even create your own groups. In addition you will be have your own personal blog.
Yes. Your blog can be read by all registered users. You have the option of allowing others to comment on your blog entries.

Groups allow collaboration between users with a common interest. For example, a group might be formed for wireless professionals in Los Angeles, communications students in Dallas or a ComSoc committee. Each group can have subscribers that maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves. The user creating the group is the moderator and determines who can belong to the groups. There are two types of groups: Open - membership requests are accepted immediately. Moderated - membership requests must be approved.

You can learn more about groups here:

Any registered user can create a group. You will become the group moderator and can configure it to be open to anyone, available by request or by invitation.
Yes, you can upload and download files. This can be done in any group allowing uploads and downloads.
Acceptable files include PDF, JPG, GIF, Microsoft Office and text.