AHC Humanitarian Communications Technology

The objective of the HCT ad hoc Committee is to propose policies to the COMSOC President for  a COMSOC active role in helping the people in developing regions to gain access to the communications technologies that the people in developed countries enjoy.  The Committee should take into account present activities and set the bases for future ones. The committee should act as a single point of contact for all these related ComSoc activities.   The committee shall propose new ComSoc activities as well as get ComSoc involved in appropriate external activates.

COMSOC already has a Committee, TCII, aiming at furthering telecommunications in developing Countries. The difference is that TCII focuses on the technical aspects, while HCT will focus on broader interactions with other IEEE entities (e.g., ICEO, GEOSS, Humanitarian Technology at the IEEE level, ComSoc  chapter development in developing countries, interfacing with the Society on Social Implications of Technology, and so on).  It also should have a scope broader than just "information infrastructure" within ComSoc, pulling together what several of our TCs may be doing to serve humanity.

Also, by  specifically calling it "Humanitarian Communications Technology," it may generate more willingness by funders and others to contribute to our work; being a committee created by the President and associated with the Board of Governors should give its chair more authority to negotiate funding, etc.  Note, the HCT committee reports to the VP Member Relations, while TCII reports to the VP Technical Activities.

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