GIMS-Organizing Committees

This is a moderated group, created mainly to support the interaction between the GIMS and the Organizing Committees of future IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC conferences.


GIMS:  GLOBECOM/ICC Management and Strategy Committee

The objective of the GIMS committee is to oversee the operational preparation and management and do strategic planning of these two annual technical conferences on telecommunications research, technology and applications.  GIMS began its work in January, 2006.  GIMS is a ComSoc Standing Committee and reports to the VP-Conferences.

GIMS meets twice each year in conjunction with ICC and Globecom. Each Organizing Committee (OC) for the active ICC and Globecom conferences is expected to report on their planning progress.  The basic information for these reports is taken from the GIMS and GITC Decision Matrix (DM).  The DM contains deliverables for specific mile markers in the planning process, e.g., C-36 (Conference Date minus 36 months).  These deliverables must be fully addressed at the specified times to ensure a successful conference.

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Content of this page:

Conference Reports
Wrap-up Reports
Final Reports
DM Items for OCs
GIMS F2F Meeting Agendas and Materials
Historical Data
Guidelines, handbooks, templates

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