Experts and stakeholders of undersea cable infrastructure are invited to participate in this in-depth global collaborative research project.  This study is unique in that it engages a world-class community of experts in consensus development and follows an emerging reliability analysis approach based on the finite nature of intrinsic vulnerabilities.  This approach has been highly effective in other high consequence industry-government collaborative efforts (e.g., European Commission ARECI Study, U.S. President’s NSTAC NGN Task Force Report).  Subject matter experts will cover the essential areas that involve the ingredients of power, environment, hardware, software, payload, networks, policy and humans.  The study will also include analysis of current trends, recent major outages, and will include the "titans" of the emerging electronic and financial world.

The undersea cable segment of the communications industry is highly proficient in dealing with the most common types of outages that occur (fishing and anchor damage, undersea earthquakes or landslides, etc.), as is evidenced by its continuous learning and development of enhanced countermeasures. However, in contrast to these higher probability events, there are low probability events - that have never yet occurred - but that should be considered, given the enormous global dependence on this infrastructure. The intrinsic vulnerability approach will enable us to exercise the needed diligence as we explore this subject.

(ROGUCCI is short for Reliability of Global Undersea Communications Cable Infrastructure)

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