TC Cognitive Networks

The goal of Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks (TCCN) is to provide a platform for its members in particular, and the cognitive networking research, development, policy making and standardization community in general, to interact and exchange technical ideas to identify major challenges and also drive solutions in the development of cognitive networking technologies. The technical issues addressed by the committee will include spectrum agile/dynamic spectrum access networks, related issues from PHY to application layers, security issues, policy issues (e.g., spectrum policy reform by U.S., Canada and European Union), implementation technologies (e.g., software radio, middleware), economic considerations and standardization activities.

Cognitive networks are touted to drive the next generations of digital communications. This technical area is attracting a tremendous amount of interest from academia, university, industry and government. New IEEE standardization activities, FCC’s spectrum policy reform, federally funded research programs (e.g., DARPA XG and NSF NeTS ProWiN) are some examples of major activities supporting R&D in cognitive networks.


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