Visible Light Communications

In recent years we have seen a growing volume of research and development activities in the field of Visible Light Communications (VLC) both within the academia and industry communities at a global level, and this trend is growing exponentially. This emerging green technology also known as LiFi not only offers illumination but data communications, indoor localization and sensing in a range of applications. It is license free and offers a number of advantageous including a wide bandwidth, inherent security and robustness to radio frequency based interference, energy efficiency. Nevertheless, the widespread deployment of VLC yet to be realized and it faces a number of challenged such as integration with the existing networks, limited LED bandwidth, protocols, mobility. The mission of this VLC Group is to promote this technology at a global level, and bring together researchers from academia and industry to share and discuss current and future research findings as well as what needs doing to take VLC to a different level. We hope you will join the group and participate in promoting this wonderful technology.


  • All organic based VLCs
  • Camera-based communications
  • Channel modelling and characterisation
  • Channel capacity analysis
  • Devices for VLC
  • Diversity techniques
  • Dimming, data communications and localisation
  • Duplexing and multiple access techniques
  • Energy efficiency considerations
  • Eye safety considerations
  • Hybrid RF-VLC and PLC-VLC technologies
  • MIMO for VLC
  • Modelling of various noises in VLC
  • Modulation, coding and detection schemes
  • Mobile-to-infrastructure and mobile-to-mobile optical communication
  • Novel (photonic) devices and components
  • Networks: architecture, PHY/MAC design, cross-layer design
  • Security and vulnerabilities Transceiver design and optimization
  • VLC in 4G/5G Networks and beyond
  • Underwater VLC communications
  • VLC applications in:

- Device-to-device communications

- E-Health etc.

- intelligent transportation systems-Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-traffic communications, trains, planes, etc.,

- inter and intra chip communications

- Internet of things

- Medical applications

- Manufacturing

- Next generation wireless networks

- Optical links for indoor plane/UAV/sSatellite communications

- wireless sensor networks

- SmartCity/SmartBuilding

- Space technology

- Internet of Things

- Indoor and outdoor positioning

- Heterogeneous Networks


Proz. Z Ghassemlooy


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