Groupsort icon Description Manager Members Join Link
Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) This group aims to promote women engineers and scientists, motivating networking among them and experience exchange. Sarah Wilson 111 Join
Volunteering Database Working Group for the Development of a ComSoc Volunteering Database David Alvarez 6 Request membership
Visible Light Communications To promot the emerging green technology of visible light communications Zabih Ghassemlooy 4 Join
Undergraduate Students Group IEEE Communication Society Undergraduate Students Group Faisal Mahmood 1 Request membership
Trip Reports Trip Reports Natasha Simonovski 7 Request membership
Technology Events All events related to Technology can be post here Raju Arora 13 Join
TCGCC IEEE Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing Jinsong Wu 82 Join
TCBD IEEE Technical Committee on Big Data Jinsong Wu 13 Join
TC Radio Communications IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Radio Communications Jemin Lee 42 Request membership
TC Multimedia Communications IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications Liang Zhou 239 Join
TC Communications Systems Integration and Modeling IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Communications Systems Integration and Modeling Skianis Charalabos 78 Join
TC Cognitive Networks IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks Zhijin Qin 144 Join
ROGUCCI Study Reliability of Global Undersea Communications Cable Infrastructure - collaboration site for experts and stakeholders Karl Rauscher 135 Request membership
RG on Software Defined and Virtualized Wireless Access Standardization Research Group on Software Defined and Virtualized Wireless Access Natasha Simonovski 47 Request membership
RF Engineers A Group that gathers RF engineers together to share latest knowledge Hussein Hussein 6 Request membership
Research Group on SDN/NFV - Structured Abstractions CSPDB Research Group on SDN/NFV - Structured Abstractions, Chair Ken Kerpez Alexander Gelman 22 Request membership
Research Group on IoT Communications and Networking Infrustructure RG Chair-Stefano Giordano. Membership: IoT Communications and Networking Insfrustructure RG, CSPDB, ComSoc SA Council, Supporting Staff. Alexander Gelman 22 Request membership
Research Group on IoT Architectures RG Chair-JaeSeung Song. Membership: IoT Architectures RG, CSPDB, ComSoc SA Council, Supporting Staff. Alexander Gelman 26 Request membership
Research Group of IoT Services RG Chair-Yacine Ghamri-Doudane. Membership: IoT Services RG, CSPDB, ComSoc SA Council, Supporting Staff. Alexander Gelman 5 Request membership
Reseach Group on 5G Channel Modelling This group is set up by CSPDB, Interim Chair - Kevin Lu Alexander Gelman 24 Request membership
Requirements for upcoming Virtualized Environments Future of Communication Networks/SDN/NFV SLAs for Virtualized Environments Alexander Gelman 23 Request membership
Publications Council This group includes members of the Publications Council and is intended for the exchange of information and for discussion. Nelson Fonseca 14 Request membership
Privacy & Security in SDN/ NFV & Virtualization Technologies Analyze the existing privacy and security issues in Software defined networking and network virtualization function Hosnieh Rafiee 14 Join
Postgraduate Student Group IEEE Communications Society Postgraduate Student Group Paolo Rodeghiero 58 Join
OpCom #2 - 2009 Reports, news and discussion in preparation for Opcom 2 Tammy Hung 16 Request membership
OpCom #1 - 2009 Reports, news and discussion in preparation for Opcom 1 John Howell 17 Request membership
NGSON Next Generation Services Overlay Networks Natasha Simonovski 7 Request membership
MMTC SecIG MMTC Media Processing and Communications Security Interest Group Tansu Alpcan 14 Request membership
MMTC MENIG - Multimedia Services and Applications over Emerging Networks An interest group for MMTC members John Buford 8 Request membership
Membership Program Development Programs including IndustryNow, Industry Day, Chapters, DLT Shri Goyal 2 Request membership
Member Relations Council Member Relations Council Carole Swaim 3 Request membership
Marketing & Industry Relations Board A formal board of the ComSoc Board of Governors Stanley Moyer 10 Request membership
Manuscript Central Mutual Help Group This is a forum where people can post questions about how to navigate MC Sarah Wilson 20 Join
IT sys IT information about staff systems David Alvarez 1 Request membership
IT Internal For ComSoc IT staff only David Alvarez 2 Request membership
Intelligence and Security Informatics Security informatics has begun to emerge as a new discipline for technical, social and policy researchers in addressing the challenges facing national Sabu Thampi 13 Join
Industry Promotion Committee Ad Hoc Industry Promotion Committee Stanley Moyer 7 Request membership
Industry Forum and Exposition (IF&E) Working Group (WG) The IF&E WG is tasked with providing leadership, guidance and continuity to the local IEEE GLOBECOM/ICC Organizing Committees (OCs) Stephen Bourg 24 Request membership
IM 2015 Organizing Committee IM 2015 Organizing Committee Doug Zuckerman 21 Request membership
IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2012 OC Organizing Commitee's Working Docs Luciano Gaspary 30 Request membership
IEEE/ComSoc Coordinating Committee Coordinates ComSoc participation within IEEE. Doug Zuckerman 6 Request membership
IEEE Volunteers IEEE Members who are Volunteer FARISH C.V 14 Join
IEEE Joint Communication Chapter Vancouver Vancouver, BC Greater Vancouver Area Zahra Ahmadian 32 Join
IEEE INFOCOM Standing Committee 9 Members provide oversite for the INFOCOM conferences Harvey Freeman 11 Request membership
IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 Organizing Committee Working Documents Michael Cardinale 26 Request membership
IEEE GLOBECOM / ICC General Information General information about IEEE ICC and IEEE GLOBECOM.conferences, for teams wishing to submit a bid for hosting a future conference. Alan Kaplan 141 Request membership
IEEE DySPAN Steering Committee Steering Committee for IEEE DySPAN Gayle Weisman 6 Request membership
IEEE COMSOC-Cameroon Chapter share information and ideas in telecommunication related fields in Cameroon EBONG EBONG 2 Join
IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals (GOLD - Graduates Of the Last Decade) The forum for young professionals in the field of Communication, and IEEE ComSoc GOLD Members Soon Wan 39 Join
IEEE ComSoc Standardization Program Development Board Research Project for Green ICT Standardization Research Project for Green ICT Standardization Natasha Simonovski 2 Request membership
IEEE ComSoc Ecuador Chapter IEEE ComSoc Ecuador Community Gabriel Astudillo 14 Request membership
IEEE COMSOC - Washington Chapter Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Nadiya Jones 68 Join
IEEE ComSoc - Nigeria Chapter members of IEEE ComSoc in Nigeria Ugochukwu Jude Onukwu 8 Request membership
IEEE ComSoc - Karachi Chapter Enhancing connectivity between ComSoc members in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. M. Zafi S. Shah Syed 2 Request membership
IEEE COMSOC - Kansas City Chapter IEEE COMSOC - Kansas City Chapter Todd Gardner 23 Join
IEEE COMSOC - Cleveland Chapter IEEE COMSOC - Cleveland Chapter Drew Hayes 12 Join
IEEE Communications Letters Editorial Board A forum for IEEE Communications Letters Editors George Karagiannidis 45 Request membership
Houston GLOBECOM 2011 GLOBECOM 2011 Conference Committee Lee Roy Gaspard 10 Request membership
Hawaii Section Volunteer and Local Student Paper Contest FAQs and Sign-up Holds a schedule that volunteers can place them selves on-- w/ contact information. Contains FAQs on volunteering and the student paper contest. Al Toda 38 Join
Hawaii Section Organizers A place for volunteers of the Hawaii Section coordinate their efforts for Globecom 2009 Al Toda 13 Request membership
Green ICT Initiative IEEE Green ICT Working Group Alexander Gelman 18 Request membership
Globecom 2012 Organizing Committee Committee responsible for staging Globecom in Anaheim, California in December of 2012 Pierre Perra 1 Request membership
GITC Matthew Valenti 36 Request membership
GIMS-Organizing Committees The group is moderated and is currently restricted to official GIMS members and members of current Globecom/ICC Organizing Committees. Alan Kaplan 90 Request membership
GIMS Patronage Working Group Dedicated Group for members of the Working Group and Patronage Chairs of past and future ICC and Globecom conferences Hikmet Sari 34 Request membership
GIMS Globecomm / ICC Management and Strategy Committee Alan Kaplan 16 Request membership
EWI Cybersecurity Summit Breakthrough Groups Engage in discussions to advance recommendations for addressing he most important international policy areas of cybersecurity. Karl Rauscher 67 Join
Events All events related to Technology can be post here swagat barman 15 Join
Education Board 2012-13 Provides oversight of ComSoc educational programs David Michelson 7 Request membership
Demonstration Group This internal group is used for testing new Community web site features. Matthew Sielski 7 Request membership
CSPDB Committee on Innovation and Standards for Information and Communications Technologies-ISICT, Chair - SM Hasan CSPDB Committee on Innovation and Standards for Information and Communications Technologies-ISICT of CSPDB Alexander Gelman 12 Request membership
Conference Tutorials Working Group A working group for conference tutorials chairs. David Michelson 1 Request membership
Conference Board - PUBLIC Minutes, documents, etc. reflecting the business conducted by the Conference Board meetings Merrily Hartmann 37 Request membership
Conf Co-Sponsorship Abuse Group This group tracks cases of confernece co-sponsorship abuse Fred Bauer 3 Request membership
ComSoc Strategic Planning Committee An appointed committee with membership by invitation only Roberto Saracco 11 Request membership
ComSoc Strategic Planning 2011 ComSoc Strategic Planning 2011 John Howell 18 Request membership
ComSoc Strategic Evolution Forum (CSEF) ComSoc Strategic Evolution Forum (CSEF) - membership limited to ComSoc Board of Governors David Alvarez 5 Request membership
ComSoc Standards Activities Council (SAC) ComSoc Standards Activities Council (SAC) Alexander Gelman 7 Request membership
ComSoc Standardization Programs Development Board (CSPDB) CSPDB members, CSDB Members, chairs of the CSDB SCs and WGs directly under CSDB, TC Liaisons, Supporting ComSoc Staff Alexander Gelman 8 Request membership
ComSoc Social Media Team A ComSoc working group with staff members and volunteers who are actively engaged in growing a ComSoc social media network. David Alvarez 13 Request membership
COMSOC Sisters and Related Societies Board The board guide and support the Sisters and Related Soceities Director in setting up new agreements and monitoring exixsting ones Roberto Saracco 6 Request membership
COMSOC Sister Societies The Sister Societies Discussion Group Roberto Saracco 114 Join
ComSoc Rapid Reaction Standardization-5G ComSoc Group - 5G Standardization Activities. By invitation of Standards Activiteis Council Alexander Gelman 43 Request membership
Comsoc Online Content Board (OCB) This group is for exchanging information and discussions on Comsoc's Online Content Elena Neira 14 Request membership
ComSoc OCB P and P Review Comsoc's Online Content Board P and P Review Elena Neira 5 Request membership
ComSoc Magazine Editors-in-Chief Site for best practices, advice, and items helpful to magazine Editors-in-Chief Steve Gorshe 5 Request membership
ComSoc Finance Committee The finance committee is responsible for providing input to and feedback on the ComSoc budget process Stanley Moyer 14 Request membership
ComSoc emarketing Service Eval David Alvarez 7 Request membership
ComSoc Education Board Work Group Education board working group for development of on line and virtualized educational activities David Michelson 8 Request membership
ComSoc Editors-in-Chief A group where Editors-in-Chief can discuss publications issues Sarah Wilson 17 Request membership