ComSoc Communities Membership Guidelines

The ComSoc Communities web site has been created to share ideas and information about communications and networking topics amongst a wide variety of readers and active participants.

In order to maintain a high level of discussion and professional interaction we have established a set of membership guidelines. These guidelines aim to stimulate the discussion of relevant topics and to prohibit those which are off topic, advertisements, self promotion, spam, etc. This will ensure a better experience for all ComSoc Communities members. These guidelines are evolving and any changes to them will be posted here.

Use of this web site or completion of the account registration process indicates your agreement to the terms of these guidelines as well as to the "Terms & Conditions for Use of the IEEE Web Site" and its included privacy policy and nondiscrimination policy.

Guidelines for Membership

ComSoc Communities is an online social community created for industry professionals and academics involved in all aspects of communications and networking. We invite professionals from semiconductor companies, hardware manufacturers, software developers, application providers, system integrators, network operators, industry verticals, intellectual property experts, attorneys, regulators, and other decision makers. Industry analysts, journalists and reporters are also encouraged to join. Academic researchers and students actively involved in communications projects are invited to join. So are end-users with experience in telecommunications or premises networks.

Guidelines for Posting

  • All posts must be written in English.
  • All posts must be related to communications technology.
  • Post in the appropriate section.
    • Blog posts are to be used for sharing information, opinions, and perspectives. Members may offer their own opinions by posting a comment in reply to the blog entry.
    • Groups allow collaboration between users with a common interest. For example, a group might be formed for wireless professionals in Los Angeles, or communications students in Dallas, or a ComSoc committee. Group members can share announcements, events, files, and discussion within the group. Some groups require membership and others are open. More information about groups is available here.
    • Forums are an area to ask questions to the community. Please be precise and provide sufficient detail when asking questions. Please do not ask for any "unpublished studies" or proprietary information.
  • Do not post the same content multiple times.
  • Using descriptive text in your blog post title, forum topic title, or group description will help other members find your contribution and will make the web site easier to use.
  • Titles should not contain excessive punctuation or be written in all capital letters.
  • You may not post anything which:
    • is defamatory, libelous, obscene, indecent, abusive or threatening to others;
    • infringes the copyright, trademark or other right of any third party;
    • uploads viruses or other contaminating or destructive features;
    • attempts to impersonate any person, company, or entity;
    • is in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.
  • Posts which are advertisements, spam, or press releases will be removed and the poster may be banned. Members however may reference news, services, companies, events, etc. but must do so in the context of providing an opinion or perspective useful to the community.
  • Posts of academic papers will not be accepted. Scholarly material may be referenced, quoted, or linked to in the context of providing an opinion or perspective useful to the community.
  • Do not post "cut and paste" press releases, articles or other blog posts. It is acceptable to quote excerpts of same (please include the referenced URL) in the context of an original blog entry, where the cited material supports or augments original information written by the author of the blog post.

Note to students: Do not post requests for unpublished papers, help on research projects or assistance on your thesis. Instead, we encourage you to consult with your academic advisor or members of your research team.

Note: ComSoc Communities administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove any content that does not meet this criteria and to remove or ban any member who refuses to follow these guidelines.

Version 0.10 - Last updated July 2, 2010